Shelly and Jimbo's
Ice Cream Treats
Shelly and Jimbo's Ice Cream Treats
"We share memories one ice cream at a time"
More Than Just Ice Cream Bar Treats
It all started more than 20 years ago, back when I was still in college. I wanted to find a way to support my college education and get myself through college without relying heavily on debt. I thought about what I loved doing the most and only one thing came to mind - ICE CREAM!

Yes, I love ice cream with a passion, and I love creating smiles and seeing people enjoy the delicious ice cream they love too! So I bought a small jeep and a freezer, and began selling ice cream bars out of the truck. I went out to sell my ice cream before my classes and during weekends in order to save enough to pay my college tuition and save up for the future. People love ice cream - From kids to adults and the elderly, everyone enjoyed the sweet, cold treats I delivered fresh every day.

17 years ago, I formally established Shelly and Jimbo's Ice Cream Treats with the money I saved up from working on my lone truck day in and day out. I wanted to reach more places and reach more customers, so they too can get a taste of Shelly and Jimbo's Ice Cream Treats' amazing ice cream flavors. I went ahead and bought 5 more trucks and 3 were immediately put on the roads. Wherever our trucks went, people absolutely loved our products.

Over the years, the quality and flavor of our products, along with our reliable, friendly service has earned for us a solid reputation as the favorite special events ice cream trucks Dayton folks rely on for their special celebrations. To date, we already have 20 ice cream trucks going out and serving our customers on a daily basis, makingShelly and Jimbo's Ice Cream Trucks some of the most recognized and anticipated vehicles on Dayton roads.

Delivering Ice Cream To Dayton & Cincinnati
for over 20 + Years
ice cream truck vendors in dayton ohio
Why Choose Us?
  • Over 20 + Years' Experience
  • Professional Drivers
  • Over 15 Trucks & Vans to Serve you
  • Proudly Serving Dayton, OH and surrounding areas
  • Willing to Travel Further to Your Event!
  • Local Neighborhoods Extending to Centerville, Springfield, Vandalia, Urbana, Waynesville, Xenia, Columbus and Cincinnati, OH
  • Special Event Ice Cream Trucks Available!
  • We are the Summer Time Santa Claus, Providing Special Ice Cream Treats for All! 
We don’t just deliver Ice Cream to you, we bring you the Novelty of the past to your present day and make new memories that last a lifetime. 
Shelly and Jimbo's Ice Cream Treats
"We share memories one ice cream at a time"