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Shelly and Jimbo's Ice Cream Treats
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Shelly and Jimbo's Ice Cream Treats stands out as the favorite name in Ice Cream for residents of Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, and others within a 50-mile radius around Dayton, Ohio. For over 20 years now Jim's exceptional ice cream treats have been a part of countless wonderful celebrations, events, gatherings, and bonding times between friends, families, co-workers, and others. No matter how simple or grand the celebration might be, there's no better ice cream to celebrate it with than Shelly & Jimbo's Ice Cream TreatsI
  1. Ice Cream and Treats
    Here at Shelly and Jimbo's Ice Cream Treats, we take pride in taking all your favorite ice cream flavors and making them even better. We have a variety of ice cream bars, sandwiches, drumsticks, popsicles and many others to ensure superior quality products you and your family are sure to enjoy.
  2. Our Trucks
    To date, we already have 20 ice cream trucks going out and serving our customers on a daily basis, making Shelly and Jimbo's Ice Cream Trucks some of the most recognized and anticipated vehicles on Dayton roads. And while we mostly do street to street residential, we also welcome ice cream catering requirements for special events like corporate events, wedding parties,church celebrations, birthday parties, school functions like track and field day, soccer, little league and more.
  3. Catering
    We can create an event package custom to your needs! Whether it's large or small - we've got you covered! No gathering is too small nor too big for us to help you plan that special day with friends, family, co-workers or any other event you may need an ice cream truck at! Please contact us today to reserve an ice cream truck and make your next event special!
  4. Personal Service
    Over the years, the quality and flavor of our products, along with our reliable, friendly service has earned for us a solid reputation as the favorite special events ice cream trucks Dayton folks rely on for their special celebrations. So if you want to make sure you're getting the favorite birthday block party ice cream trucks and the best corporate events ice cream trucks Ohio folks rely on, there's only one name to keep in mind - Shelly and Jimbo's Ice Cream Treats!
  5. Implementation
    We have built a strong following over the years, not just because of the outstanding ice cream flavors and varieties we have on offer, but also because of the friendly, reliable service we deliver. When you come to us, you can be sure to get prompt, professional service with a smile. Experience the novelty of the ice cream truck and share the memories one ice cream at a time!


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Shelly and Jimbo's Ice Cream Treats
"We share memories one ice cream at a time"